5 December 2012

Moving Again + Our New Place

Yes indeed - our 6 months up north are almost up! The time really flew by, I'm actually sad to be leaving...At first I felt a bit isolated up here, but this little city quickly grew on me and I'll definitely miss it. Still, I'm happy to be moving home! Well, my home anyway...the hubs is from Cape Breton, but we're actually moving to Pickering, which is just east of Toronto - so that's kind of a compromise between Toronto and Cape Breton right :) 

Anyway I'm really excited about the new place! It belongs to my in-laws, who'll be sharing the home with us. We'd actually been house-hunting since May, it took us awhile to find the right place!

The house was a flip so a lot of the finishes are brand new. At first we really wanted a place we could fix up ourselves and customize, but it's also kind of nice to be moving into something bright & fresh without any work needed. Now we can just focus on little cosmetic changes and one or two bigger renos.

I love that the kitchen is clean and new! We'd love to reconfigure the space to make better use of it and add more counterspace, but that's definitely not a priority.

The upper floor has 4 bedrooms (forgot to shoot the 4th) - two with broadloom and 2 with laminate. I actually like the floors but my husband isn't a fan, so that's another someday project.The extra rooms mean we can have our own office spaces (at least for now). That's pretty much music to my ears since the hubs has been completely hogging what used to be our shared desk :)

The bathrooms are all redone which is really nice. All they need are a few accessories to dress them up and add a little personality. We're also planning to add a shower to the lower level for my in-laws.

We're hoping to make the windows in the lower level bigger so it feels less basement-y, but the best thing about this floor is the ceiling height!

The super spacious laundry room is the perfect spot to add another kitchen. That plus the new shower and bigger windows will make a great in-law suite, even potentially a rental unit in the future

For the entry we're considering a new front door with windows to bring more natural light into that area. I'm also thinking about faux wainscoting, maybe even some wallpaper or stenciling...but I'll save all the decorating ideas floating around my head for another post :) For now I better get back to packing!