28 April 2012

Penny Tile Decor

We found out last month that the Canadian penny is being eliminated, and after a few moments of nostalgia at the loss, my mind naturally jumped to design and the penny tile trend :)

Penny tile backsplash

Penny tiled kitchen backsplash

These penny tile backsplashes are just gorgeous, and I love the pairing with lighter hues, keeping the spaces bright and fresh.
As flooring penny tile looks fab  too - it creates this cool vibe of urban glamour, and I just love how the coins shimmer in the light. 

Penny tiled shower floor
Penny tiled kitchen floor

Personally I really like this bold and funky trend, but I'm not sure I could or would pull it off myself. A penny-inspired tile might be more my style, like this beautiful and soothing version.

Hearing the news about the penny's demise though got me thinking twice about decorating with actual coinage - making a statement with what is now sentimental value!
Plus, using actual pennies would make for a fun and affordable DIY :) And if you're renting like us, you'll want something you can take along with you when you move. 

Penny tile tabletopPenny tile accent table

Rachel's penny-tiled tabletop at Thrifty Inspirations is just adorable, and this fully-tiled version by Nicolas Rosaci of Dabble mag is a real showstopper.

For an even smaller project, I'm thinking of trying to create some penny-tiled wall art.

I'm not exactly going to miss all the spare change weighing down my wallet, but I also can't help thinking about all those shiny pennies I used to save as a kid - they seemed so valuable, I felt like I was rich :) The coin may be expendable now as currency, but at least it inspired it's fair share of design before being phased out!

21 April 2012

7 Fun Facts About Me + Blog Awards

When my cousins and I used to play 'house' as children, I spent more time decorating the "house" than playing!
I've travelled to 4 out of the 7 continents.
I met my husband at university, although we didn't know at the time that we'd actually met previously as toddlers :)
I took the Homegoods Stylescope Quiz (twice :) - and my results were "Bohemian Casual". As much as I was hoping for "elegant" or "glamorous", the description blurb was spot on!
I speak 4 languages (well, kind of :)
My husband and I went to a homeschooling conference, but since we don't have kids yet we decided to get a pet fish on our way home. We named him Zakir and he's super cool. He got really sick once and every day I was scared to look at his bowl, but thankfully he recovered :)
I'm a Muslim, an aspiring lover of God and His Beloved.

Don't worry, I didn't wake up this morning with an inexplicable urge to blog 7 fun facts about myself. Nor is there a DIY hidden somewhere in this post. Honey Sweet Home was chosen for the Versatile Blogger Award!

A huge thank you to Jennifer at Just A Girl In The World, Sharla at The House at Bluebird Lane, and Angie at Beneath the Magnolias! I can't thank you lovely ladies enough, I'm so touched that you thought of me!

I've mentioned it before and I'll say it again - as a relatively new blogger, the amount of support and encouragement that I've felt from fellow bloggers is just overwhelming. All praise to God, I'm so grateful for it, and I really cherish this community so much :)

As the award goes, recipients can share 7 random things about themselves, as well as pass it on to fellow bloggers, so I'd like to spread the love :) Here are some great blogs that I love reading, and that are definitely Versatile :)

Bella at We Heart DIY

Jane at Urban Jane

Whenever you're in need of a little inspiration, definitely pay them a visit!

Honey Sweet Home was also given another Liebster Blog award, by Linda at Miss Tori's Treasures :) Thanks again Linda, I can't even express how grateful I am! You can check out my first post about the Liebster Award here.

I'm off to hopefully make some progress on a couple projects today - have a wonderful weekend!


14 April 2012

Kids Wall Art - Craft Letters!

Today I've got a cute and simple project to share: dressing up wooden craft letters to create some fun kiddie wall art!

I visited my sweet little nieces last weekend and I wanted to make them each a little something to hang in their bedroom :) Embarrassingly enough, I bought the wooden letters for this project over 2 years ago - talk about procrastinating! I originally started painting them all by hand in bright colours and cute little patterns. These were a few of my faves:

But halfway through painting, the project got shoved in the back of my closet. Between planning my wedding and moving I totally forgot about it! I finally dug them out last week.

I didn't have the time to finish hand-painting them all, so I opted for a quick and easy alternative: spray paint and craft paper. I primed and painted all the letters in a bright hot pink, then picked out a couple of fun printed papers for each girlie :)

A more sophisticated and classic damask for the eldest, a funky zebra print for the middle sis,

and a bunch of cute and sweet patterns for the youngest :) Each one got a little sparkle too!

I just cut out the shapes from the scrapbook paper and glued them onto the letters with mod podge. We hung the letters over their beds using double-sided mounting tape. Each girl picked how she wanted to hang her name, although auntie made some helpful suggestions :) The finished product was a fun way to dress up their little spaces!

I think they look pretty cute, don’t you?
This is a really easy and inexpensive way to customize your own wall art - wooden craft letters are pretty easily found at craft stores or even dollar shops, and the same goes for scrapbook paper. Just one tip: look for the flat letters as opposed to the bevelled ones I used, it'll make tracing and cutting the craft paper way easier!