28 April 2012

Penny Tile Decor

We found out last month that the Canadian penny is being eliminated, and after a few moments of nostalgia at the loss, my mind naturally jumped to design and the penny tile trend :)

Penny tile backsplash

Penny tiled kitchen backsplash

These penny tile backsplashes are just gorgeous, and I love the pairing with lighter hues, keeping the spaces bright and fresh.
As flooring penny tile looks fab  too - it creates this cool vibe of urban glamour, and I just love how the coins shimmer in the light. 

Penny tiled shower floor
Penny tiled kitchen floor

Personally I really like this bold and funky trend, but I'm not sure I could or would pull it off myself. A penny-inspired tile might be more my style, like this beautiful and soothing version.

Hearing the news about the penny's demise though got me thinking twice about decorating with actual coinage - making a statement with what is now sentimental value!
Plus, using actual pennies would make for a fun and affordable DIY :) And if you're renting like us, you'll want something you can take along with you when you move. 

Penny tile tabletopPenny tile accent table

Rachel's penny-tiled tabletop at Thrifty Inspirations is just adorable, and this fully-tiled version by Nicolas Rosaci of Dabble mag is a real showstopper.

For an even smaller project, I'm thinking of trying to create some penny-tiled wall art.

I'm not exactly going to miss all the spare change weighing down my wallet, but I also can't help thinking about all those shiny pennies I used to save as a kid - they seemed so valuable, I felt like I was rich :) The coin may be expendable now as currency, but at least it inspired it's fair share of design before being phased out!


  1. Love it! But how labour intensive!!! I think I'll just have to live with my memories of the penny...

  2. My favorite take-along project would be the mirror. Gorgeous! But I can't believe they're doing away with the penny! What if your total doesn't land on a multiple of 5? Crazy Canadians. ;)

  3. Samaa! You are so awesome. Thank you for throwing my little table into your post. It truly is one of my favorite little projects to date. It's funny that you did this post because I have been debating to make a backsplash or tile floor like you showed above. Seeing these pictures just makes me want to do it more! Ugh! It's going to take a tremendous amount of time... probably not as long as to paint kitchen cabinets though ;)
    Anyway, just wanted to stop by and say thanks!

  4. I love the mixture of the aged pennies with the shiny new ones. It makes a beautiful collage. What a great idea to try this on a table or mirror - I love that!

  5. Woaah!! The mirror in your bathroom is so fabulous.

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet comment! I wish I could say that was my mirror :) but it's actually from the source listed below the photo.

  6. Some lovely ideas Samaah! Well done, Proud of you girl!!!

  7. Samaa, Thank you for sharing some beautiful penny designs. For a jaw dropping design, I invite y'all to check out our recent bathroom tour video with hand, penny-tiled walls http://www.pottymouthtours.com/potty-time-scum-earth-church-virtual-bathroom-tour/
    And, if you want to take on a project to create your own custom penny tile design, Naomi Haverland, the designer shares her how to tips: http://www.pottymouthtours.com/tile-bathroom-penny-lovers-part-1-3/
    Neneh, Creator & Tour Guide of Potty Mouth Tours