5 December 2011

Pottery Barn Knock Off Lamp!

I mentioned my new lamp in my last post, but I've fallen so truly madly deeply in love with it in the last 24 hours that I had to write about it again. 

I stopped by Yorkdale today on my way home from work to look for a new parka, but somehow I ended up in Pottery Barn :) where I spotted this gorgeous task lamp. 

It also came with a pretty price tag of $259! Which made me fall so much harder for my fabulous Goodwill find yesterday, which was a lovely 13 bucks :)

If anyone lives in the Toronto area, there's still another one in the Overlea store! Thank me for not scooping up both :)

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  1. Yours is WAY nicer--especially with that reduced price tag :)

  2. I love me a Pottery Barn knock off, fantastic find!

  3. $259?! Who are the people that pay this? haha! Glad you found yours in Goodwill - good things come to those who wait, and don't fork over a fortune cuz they gotta have it! haha

  4. that is a gorgeous lamp! I have been eyeing a lamp up at Pottery Barn. It's somewhat similar to the one you have shown, but is a floor lamp. It's $200 =(

  5. Interesting! No doubt a great deal :)
    have fun!!

  6. I can't believe there are people that would pay $259 for a lamp! I love yours much better anyway it has lovely character!

  7. I love your blog....And I cant believe I found an Arabic blogger now I know why I loved your hutch alot we have similar taste :))))))
    I will follow you for sure