9 October 2012

My Designer Husband

While we were house hunting this weekend, my sweet husband made an excited comment that stopped me in my tracks: "once we add curtains it'll really soften the look of the space"

Yes, he said soften. And yes, this is the same man who didn't see the point in getting curtains in our last apartment.

This after he asked me a few weeks ago whether we should get "those european pillows", in reference to euro shams. It was a momentous occasion, let me tell you!
Seems like all my crazy design antics are growing on him :)


  1. hahaha! Success! good for you, and for him too Samaa!

  2. HAHA...yes! I'm so excited for you. Don't you love it when they are as passionate and enthusiastic as you are. Wish me luck on this ;)

    1. hahha thanks Dehdee! I do love it...but ask me again when he starts coming up with design ideas that are way off the wall :) Good luck to you!

  3. BAAHAHAH (that's an evil laugh). You are slowly taking over this brain!