1 March 2013

DIY Penny Projects + A Winner!

I've been having so much fun going through all your fabulous DIY penny projects in the Value Village/Savers giveaway - a huge thank you to everyone who entered, as well as those who stopped by!

If you're looking for some penny inspiration or even just some eye candy, here's a look at the entries:

Tanya of Dans le Townhouse designed and created this stunning DIY penny ring from an old penny she found in her change after a trip to Value Village! I love this project so much - it's quick and easy but so so beautiful!

TicQuellia designed another gorgeous penny ring - she created her 'common cents' ring using pennies from years significant to her. What a great way to DIY a personal memento and a fabulous piece of statement jewellery! Follow TicQuellia at @ticquellia-elle. 

Jennifer created another special memento and a family heirloom - a beautiful penny bracelet featuring the year of her wedding and the birth years of herself, her husband, and her children! She attached the coins to a copper chain and the results are just stunning! Can you imagine how gorgeous this would look on?

Another easy DIY with gorgeous results comes from Jamie of Kreyv! She created this pretty penny vase using an oatmeal container and $2.50 in pennies. A couple coats of spray paint later and she had this cute textured vase!

This is the perfect idea if you love the shape and texture of pennies but aren't a huge fan of copper. I think it would be so cute as a piggy bank too! 

To put your pennies to work in your home decor, Crystal submitted her simple but ingenious idea to use pennies as curtain weights! She picked up some curtains at Value Village and sewed pennies into the hem every 6 inches - what a handy tip!

Another home decor project, Jennifer of Knit Wit on the Prairies DIYed this amazing penny tiled table just before saying goodbye to the Canadian for good. She used an old end table she had on hand and a piggy bank full of pennies to create her beautiful mosaic table top, and Jennifer's table has special significance too - she added a little cluster of pennies featuring the birth years of her family! 

Shannon's husband of C, Me & E loved the look of copper so much they decided to create this gorgeous penny tiled alcove wall. She wasn't originally a fan of the idea but I bet she loves it now! It took them about 4 days (and what I'm guessing was a ton of patience!) to attach each penny to their wall alcove using liquid nails. They used about $42 worth of pennies - not a bad investment for a showstopper of a wall! 

And finally we have an extreme DIY that is definitely not for the faint of heart! Ellen and her husband from The Sustainability Adventure built the eco-home of their dreams and recently added this incredible 16ft penny-tiled accent wall that is sure to blow you away! 

They used almost $200 in pennies and spent months making mesh penny tiles, tiling, grouting, and cleaning the grout. It looks like a TON of work (and forget about the work, I doubt that I could handle such a tall ladder!) but the results are SO worth it!

To see where my love for penny tile began, check out this penny tile inspiration post, and my own penny tiled mirror!

Now for the winner of the giveaway - there was no way I could pick my favourite from all these amazing projects, so we drew for it randomly. Congratulations to Shannon of C, M & E! I'll be in touch soon!

Finally a HUGE thank you goes out to Value Village/Savers for sponsoring this fun contest! I have to say I secretly wished more than once that I could enter myself :) I love that Value Village promotes recycling and reusing, and supports local communities, not to mention it's one of my fave places to go thrifting. My husband even used to hang out there with his friends as a teen - apparently it was the cool place to be in Sydney River :)   

P.S. I wasn't paid or perked to host this giveaway - I really do just love Value Village!


  1. Love all the penny creations!

    Happy weekend!

  2. WOW! i am equally awed at that tile wall!!!! I love all the jewelry pieces too!

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