7 November 2011

Cheap & Easy Floral Knock-Offs

Last month, my Mum was heading to Homesense to look for some accents for her family room makeover. Yes, she re-did the family room AFTER her design-obsessed daughter moved out, almost cruel isn't it :)? Anyway I went with her to help pick out some things and ended up browsing the florals. My husband had recently brought our side tables out of storage (which we got last year FREE from a generous friend :) so I was searching for something to dress them up. 

I've never really shopped for decor or florals before, but I was surprised at the prices! I loved this simple and elegant arrangement:

But it was 25 bucks! Some of the fancier arrangements looked hard, but this I could totally do myself! So...I did :)

I picked 3 stems of fake hydrangeas that were $13, and for a bit more interest I chose a grassy & berry filler ($6 or $7). When my sweet Mum saw me shopping she insisted on paying, so everything ended up free :) 

I originally got cream hydrangeas, trying to go as gender-neutral as flowers can be, but when I brought them home my honey wanted more colour! So I exchanged them for the red ones I actually wanted :)

I already had two square vases at home leftover from my wedding centrepieces, so I put them to use. (FYI they were from Dollarama, so $1.50 each!) 

A bit of trimming and arranging and a few minutes later and I ended up with these two pretty arrangements:

I've been moving them around, for now one is on a side table and another has found a home in my first vignette (another post soon :).

I love the deep fall colours and the warmth these arrangements bring to whatever corner they are in! 
Best of all, I made 2 arrangements for less than the price of one store-bought one! Although in this case they were totally free :)

What do you think?


  1. Sama, your home looks so beautiful! You have a natural talent for decorating. Keep up the beautiful home compulsion. Its worth it! Nusrat Khala.

  2. This looks so pretty. And you take amazing photos!