8 November 2011

Dollarama Eid Decor

Eid Mubarak! I hope that all of you who celebrated Eid had a blessed and festive day :) 

I have to admit I was feeling a bit lazy to decorate this Eid, especially since it’s just the two of us at home and we were invited out anyway. But my sweet sister-in-law encouraged me to get my sparkle on and make the place feel special :) Plus you can’t help but be inspired by all the dazzling decor in the new Christmas displays.

I’ve seen some gorgeous decorations out there that aren’t Christmas specific and could be used for any holiday! I’m definitely looking forward to the boxing day sales so I can pick up some glittery goodies to use for Rabi’ al Awwal & Ramadan next year.

For this Eid I wanted to keep it simple and easy, and most importantly, cheap! So I took a trip to Dollarama and came home with a big bag full of gold treasures :)

In the main archway of the apartment I put up a couple of tinsel garlands and hung some gold stars. Simple but festive! 

The placement is great because you see it as soon as you enter the apartment but also from anywhere in the main room.

I also found these shimmery flowers and glittery golden branches that I loved! So I picked out a simple tall vase to place them in, as well as a roll of ribbon for a quick and easy way to dress it up (and hide the stems of the florals). 

I just wrapped the ribbon around the vase with a bit of tape, and added some gold wrapping paper I already had inside. It took literally 2 minutes to create this arrangement: 

I bought some small gold balls and pinecones too. I know I know, you can get pinecones for free and paint them! But I wanted something quick and easy and these were still super cheap!

All I did was put them together in a glass apothecary bowl I recently bought (only $9 at Superstore!) and voila! It really can’t get easier.

I dressed the entrance table with a sparkly Dollarama fabric and some candles I had around the house. My little Eid sign was an impromptu craft project gone wrong :) But my husband liked it so we left it out.

And with that, I was able to put together a little Eid vignette near our front entrance! 

I also fortunately never took down the lights that I had put up last Eid (as in 2 months ago) so that added a bit more twinkle to the place as well. 

Not counting what I already had, I spent a grand total of $19 at Dollarama, which isn't too bad if I do say so myself :) 

I'm so grateful I could make our home look a little special for Eid, after all my husband reminded me that celebrating is a sunnah of the Prophet صلى الله عليه و سلم. And I love that I was able to create a really festive yet simple look.

I’m excited to go all out next Eid, but for now this was perfect!