23 November 2011

My First Living Room!

We finally have a sofa! Which means we finally have a living area! Like a real-life grown-up one : )

Those who know us will understand...this isn't any ordinary furniture delivery! We didn't have a sofa for 4 and a half months. That may not be long in the grand scheme of things, but it was frustrating at the time. Part of that homey feeling is having a comfy cozy place to curl up, and the only place I could do that was the bed. Now I love our bed, but I hardly felt like hanging out there all evening...every day...for 4 months! I kept falling asleep :)

It took us a couple weeks to pick out a sofa, mainly because I was too picky we wanted to get the best deal :)! But a sofa can be such a central feature in a space, so the look and feel really mattered to me. But after placing our order in July, the store kept pushing back the delivery date because of a warehouse issue, until 12 weeks had passed and they were saying it would still take another month!

For a moment I actually regretted making my husband sell his old sofa set before the wedding. If you’re reading this honey, don’t get any ideas, it was just one very..Very brief moment.

We finally canceled the order (getting a refund was a whole other issue). I shopped around again and found something great at Leon’s. Best part: delivery within 2 days! I honestly don’t know why I didn’t check that store the first time around!
The sofa is gorgeous and so comfy and I looove the lines! Not too straight, not too curvy, love it!

I was afraid a light colour would get dirty easily…but we don’t have kids yet so if we’re ever going to have a light sofa now’s the time right :)
Plus we opted for a fabric protection on the sofa – it’s so very cool! Liquid drops just sit on top of the fabric rather than soak in, and the fabric still looks and feels the same.
We are both really happy with the new look of our living area. It’s amazing how different the place feels with a sofa! We have a place to curl up and relax other than the bed :) And I have no excuse to hesitate about inviting people over now...they're going to have to taste my cooking someday anyway :)

The two side chairs were from Homesense awhile ago. We got them to go with our original sofa order (which was a luscious deep green), but they work well with this sofa too.

As for the cushions, we didn't like the ones that came with the sofa, so I got these lovelies instead. I wanted something that worked with the cushions I already had on the side chairs. These were a bit of a splurge, but the sofa was a gift from my husband's super-sweet parents :) so I could spend a bit on the cushions. Plus it was honestly love at first sight when I spotted those orange patterned ones! I tried a bunch of pillows alongside them (literally 7 different cushions, my husband must have thought I was nuts :) until I found this bright green one. It's a great pop of colour, I totally love it! It's rich and elegant and heaven to touch too :)

It’s honestly a world of a difference coming home to this new space, I adore it. It feels warm and inviting and cozy, but still really classy. Just what a honey sweet home should be :)

I’m excited to dress up the walls and add some curtains next : ) 

What do you think?!

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  1. I love it, the couch is amazing and I love your Homesense chairs as well!

  2. love the living room. You really make a house into a home :)

  3. Oh you have the light green pillows from Pier 1. I just assumed you meant emerald green. They look lovely on the sofa!