9 February 2012

Fresh Flower Love!

I’m not sure if there’s anything that can make me smile like fresh flowers. Something about them just puts you in a good mood :) 

For my birthday last week my honey got me these bright and gorgeous blooms, he knows me so well :) I adored them so much I split them into two different arrangements to spread the love!

It’s so easy to pick up a bouquet or two when you do your groceries – fresh flowers are such a simple way to enhance any space. No need to splurge at the fancy florists – these roses were from the clearance bin at Superstore! A couple of them broke apart in my hands when I went to change the water today, but they've been prettying my home for over a week now so no biggie. And I still saved the petals in the fridge to reuse later - perfect for a romantic evening :)

I'm loving these vibrant colours - especially since I've been so deprived of pink since getting married and moving in with a man! But I'm not complaining, after all he's the one who bought me these flowers :) 

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