21 February 2012

Decorating for Rabi al Awwal!

Hope everyone had a great long weekend! We took advantage of Family day with a super fun skating date down at the Harbourfront :) 

So you may or may not have missed me the last couple weeks :) I’ve been busy with this enormous hutch project that has been kicking my bottom at every turn! But I hope to have it done real soon, stay tuned!  

We’ve also been celebrating the Islamic month of Rabi al Awwal, the month in which our beloved Prophet صلى الله عليه و سلم was born. This is one of my absolute FAVE times of the year! So many beautiful mawlids to attend, so much love to share :)

While we spent the month celebrating our love for the Best of creation, I wanted to give our home a festive feel. The best way I know to express my love is through creating something beautiful :) It was a bit of a challenge with my honking huge hutch taking up most of the living room, but we still managed to get a little décor up. 

As I confessed here, love me some twinkly lights! This month, they've helped remind us of the luminescence of our beautiful Prophet :)
I got the idea for tissue pom-poms from a bunch of friends who made them last year, although mine are a bit deformed, but cute nonetheless :) For a step-by-step, click here (the instructions call for floral wire, but I just used ribbon!).

The glitter cut outs are also knock-offs of the super crafty ladies who decorated the school I work at. The first shape is that of the Prophet’s radiant sandal, a glittery reminder to follow in his footsteps!

The green domes represent the Rawda Shareef, the burial place of the Prophet in Medina. Below them I placed calligraphy cut-outs of his beautiful name, Muhammad.

To make these shimmery shapes I picked up some glitter cardstock at Michaels. I made a stencil for the domes freehand, but for the sandal and the calligraphy I just pulled up the image I wanted on google and traced it right off the computer screen :) Maybe not so good for the screen, but it worked!

For all those celebrating Rabi al Awwal, Mawlid Mubarak! For anyone else, thanks for reading and sharing in this little piece of my heart :)